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Venetian Marble was incorporated in December 1965 and in October 1966, Royce Newsome took over management of the company and has remained as the principle owner since that time.

In the early years, engineered composite was made in flat pieces with separate lavatories. Venetian Marble of Dallas, the franchiser, offered many new facets including:


Integral Lavatories: With the introduction of Integral Lavatories, a vanity top could be manufactured with no seams around the sink or bowl.
The Seamless Backsplash: Through this new process, the backsplash was incorporated into the countertop so there were no grout joints along the back.
Bath Tubs: Who wouldn't want to bathe in their own private marble bathtub?

Venetian of Dallas had test results that showed this new product was very durable. This opened the door to manufacturing a beautiful, quality product with unlimited designs and applications. Since very few people were aware of this new product, a creative marketing strategy had to be developed. It consisted of a Ford Econo Van, a bathtub with deck and splashes, and one vanity with three different lavatories. By visiting the job sites of houses under construction, builders were thrilled to replace the standard "Formica" with this beautiful  Venetian marble. Demand exceeded our manufacturing as the process left much to be desired.

Venetian Marble of Lubbock began the process of updating the equipment to improve the manufacturing process when the tornado hit Lubbock May 11, 1970 and wiped out  the facilities. Because of the tremendous damage caused by the tornado, Venetian Marble of Lubbock was forced to relocate. The entire city of Lubbock came together and with the help of everyone, the businesses were rebuilt.

With this new product and improved manufacturing process, the business grew significantly. During the depression of the mid 1980s, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico were hard hit. Many of the banks failed and the economy plummeted, the phrase "Success is Existence" seemed to be the local mantra.  

As the economy began to revive and business grew, Venetian of Lubbock added two sons-in-law to the management team, along with a long time employee.  In January of 1998, a devastating fire destroyed the entire production area. During this time, business exceeded anything in the entire history of the company! With everyone pulling together and a lot of hard work, not only was the business salvaged, but a 25% increase in production was accomplished.

Today, Ortega Kitchen and Bath has a beautiful  3,000 square foot showroom, huge manufacturing area and large granite yard. Ortega works with commercial designers, builders, interior decorators and individuals supplying granite, engineered stone, solid surfacing, engineered composites and a variety of kitchen and bath products for the most beautiful homes and businesses across Texas and the nation. Whatever your need, large or small, Ortega is prepared to exceed your expectations!

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