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An excellent choice for kitchen countertops, and other heavily used surfaces.

Granite, one of the most popular natural stones available, is quarried from the mountains of Italy, the United States, India, Brazil and dozens of other countries around the world. It is available in a striking array of colors. Its durability and longevity make it ideal for kitchen countertops and other heavily used surfaces.

Many people choose to invest in granite because of the value it adds to any home as well as its durability and richness in both color and look. Ortega Kitchen and Bath by Venetian Marble Company of Lubbock offers one of the widest selections of granite in West Texas. The staff at Ortega is available to assist you in every step of the selection process concerning your granite.


CaesarStone at Ortega Kitchen and Bath

Granite slabs at Ortega Kitchen and Bath

Natural stone is an investment that will give you many years of beautiful service. We at Ortega Kitchen and Bath by Venetian Marble Company of Lubbock would like to remind you that although natural stone is beautiful, and its beauty is difficult to replicate, there are many aspects of it that need to be considered. We have included a few helpful hints to aid you in selecting your natural stone countertops.

Once the granite has been fabricated at Ortega Kitchen and Bath, sealer is applied. We also recommend you seal it once a year, and a sealer can be purchased in our showroom. Sealer lessens the granites vulnerability to stain. However, oils and products intended to stain can penetrate the sealer and can permanently stain your granite. We also recommend using a mild soap and water (e.g. dish detergent) and Sprayway for everyday cleaning and disinfecting. However, using too much soap can leave a film over your granite. We also advise not to use any cleaning products that contain ammonia (e.g. Windex).

Natural Stone will require a higher maintenance plan when compared to other material. It is important to take a few precautions when working on your natural stone countertops.

Using coasters, hot plates, trivets, or placemats under dishes or china is important in preventing the scratching and damaging of the countertop. Other helpful hints can be found at:

Please keep in mind that granite is a product of nature and is never perfect. Irregularities such as markings, pits, fissures, natural inclusions and variations in color and pattern do not mean that the stone is inferior in quality when compared to others. It is all part of the stone's natural character and beauty. Natural stone is a product of nature and therefore it is impossible to guarantee any uniformity in color. veining, or other characteristics. It is important to understand that every slab is different, and every bundle is different. Please note that samples are only intended to be a representative of what you may receive, and may not be from your slab or even the same bundle, and can therefore vary in color, shading, and even pattern.


Granite is a strong stone because its mineral grains have grown tightly together during a very slow cooling period. And the quartz and feldspar that compose it are harder than steel. This makes granite desirable for buildings and for ornamental purposes. Granite takes a good polish and resists weathering and acid rain.


PITS - All true granites have biotite in their composition, which is soft and flaky. During the polishing process the first few layers are removed causing pits. Pitting does not make the granite less durable or inferior in quality. Pits exist in all granites and should be expected when dealing with a natural polished stone.
FISSURES - Fissures are natural cracks that have formed in the stone because of land movement, etc.
CRACKS - Cracks are a result of mechanically induced stress during handling, fabrication, transport, or installation. When cracks are detected in a slab, they are avoided and not included in your countertops.
BEAUTY MARKS - Natural concentration of color that result in intensified or discolored spots, and/or lines of color.

  Granite at Ortega Kitchen and Bath

Standard top dishwasher attachments cannot be used with stone countertops. We advise that a side-mount kit be used to secure the dishwasher to adjacent cabinets.

When replacing laminate countertops with 2cm or 3cm material, there may be an exposed area near the top of the cabinet, and it is the responsibility of the customer to have it painted, stained, or trimmed.

Natural stone countertops will also have visible seams; these seams are unavoidable because of countertop weight and slab size. Sink choices are also limited to either an undermount or drop in.

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