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American Acrylic Tubs

American Acrylic Tubs    

American Acrylic Tubs are high quality acrylic bathtubs with many standard features and upgrades. All of our tubs are available as soaker tubs (without jets), standard and customizable whirlpool tubs, air massage tubs or a combination of both whirlpool and air therapy. All of the tubs are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.



Air Jet Bathtub:
An air jet bathtub is the general description of a bathtub built with bubble-making air jets. With our full digital controls there are many options at your fingertips. Selecting the perfect water pressure is just a touch away. You can choose from several different power settings (high, medium, or low and even a pulse mode. After you use the tub, it will automatically activate a purge cycle. The heated air pump will turn itself on for up to a minute a few different times to make sure absolutely no water is allowed to be anywhere but down the drain. Each jet contains a check valve to insure no water is allowed into the air line feeding the jet. Each jet uses complete anti-microbial hose to insure no bacteria growth. Also each system comes with an air blower that automatically heats the air to 145 degrees to keep your bath water from cooling off and allowing a more comfortable and longer air therapy session. The normal jet configuration for air massage systems will contain 16 jets with 4 openings each making it a combined 64 jet outlet system.

American Aqua Heat System: The most unique heater for your whirlpool bathtub on the market today. Each whirlpooled bathtub that we manufacture comes with this heater. This is a hollow jacket that fits directly over the whirlpool motor, as the water is being sucked through the pump and being transferred back through the Hydro-therapy jets in the bathtub, it is taking the heat from the motor and transferring it back into the bath water. There is absolutely no electricty needed for our Aqua-Heat transfer jacket. It will actually raise the water temperature by .2 degrees every 10 minutes. It also has the ability to lower the temperature of the motor allowing the motor to have a considerably longer life thus allowing us to extend the warranty of the motor from the manufacturers original two year warranty to a full five year warranty.

Anti-Microbial: Many of our products contain anti-microbial additives which is a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of microbes such as bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Anti-Microbials are substances that are incorporated into the manufacturing process when the plastic parts are made. The complete bathtub surface is anti-microbial and 80 percent of the air and water jet components are now anti-microbial. All normal cleaning procedures should still be followed.

Clean-Fill: Each whirlpooled bathtub comes with a port for the ease of adding our Clean*Way product, which insures all internal components of the whirlpool system including the Lifetime Warranty pump can be kept free of bacteria.

Clean*Way: Clean*Way is a natural, environmentally-friendly citrus solvent that dissolves the build up of body and bath oils, dirt, hair, soap scum, rust, and mineral deposits, which are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Clean*Way also works great for all sanitary surfaces - showers, vanity tops, sinks, kitchen countertops, tile, and toilets.

ColorGlo: ColorGlo is a unique lighting system we developed for custom bathtubs. The colored lights create an upscale atmosphere for your relaxing bath. The colors can change or be set to one color. Contact us for installation information.

Combination Bathtub: A combination bathtub is built with a combination of air and water jets. A combination tub is great for different options in bathing: You can enjoy the stimulation of the air jet bubbles or relax and enjoy the therapeutic massage of the water jets. Combination tubs have recently become a very popular new trend.

Safety Suction Valve: This valve was designed to lessen or eliminate hair entrapment in whirlpool bathtub systems. As standard equipment on all American Acrylic tubs, this valve is a valuable feature to help ensure your loved ones are safe. A simple spring-driven plunger will open and introduce air into your whirlpool pump. The pump will de-prime, allowing hair or other obstruction to be easily removed. Once the pressure on the system returns to normal operation, the whirlpool system will continue.

Note: No device can guarantee complete safety. Children should only us a whirlpool bathtub with proper supervision.

Soaker Bathtub: A soaker tub is a basic bathtub without air jets or whirlpool jets.

Whirlpool Bathtub: A whirlpool bathtub is the general description of a bathtub built with therapeutic water jets. Each bathtub can be configured in hundreds of different configurations. We can put in as few as 4 jets or as many as 24 in some instances. We have a variety of jet options from standard colored matched plastic straight shooting water jets to whirly jets, large adjustable jets, mini-lateral jets strategically located for foot or back massage. There are also many different metal finishes available in (Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass and Antique Oil Rubbed Bronze).

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